How to Make Chilli powder

Just like the balimbing fruits, this hot chilli grows wild beside our office. I got some to make them into chilli powder.

My fried said the big red are not not, so they are not interested on them. The small gree but mature fruits are hot as a hell and gonna make you run to nearest faucet to wash your mouth with tons of running water. Hmmmm. !!! thats over acting.

Here is how I gonna make my chilli powder.

Remove the stems and wash with running water to remove all adhering dirt.

Place in slotted trays and shake well to remove excess water.

Place in front of electric fan to facilitate fast removal of excess water.

Dry at room temperature for two weeks. Drying time might take longer in high humid areas or during rainy seasons. Sun drying and oven drying can use to hasten drying time. The latter tend to alter spice natural color and other properties.

Grind using waring blender and pack in air tight container.


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