How to Make Coconut Honey

Coconut honey is a natural sugar alternative made from coconut sap. It is healthier compared to other sugar substitute. It has low glycemic index (GI)of 35. Having low GI value, it is safer for diabetics. It can be use for coffee, tea, baking and cooking.


1. Get freshly harvested coconut sap. Talk to expert mangangarit near your area. Freshly harvested sap should be processed immediately to avoid unnecessary fermentation. The sap taste should be sweet, not alcoholic and not sour with a Brix reading of at least 12ºBrix using a hand refractometer.

2. Boil the sugar until it reaches 110ºC or become sticky under moderate to very low heat. Don’t take chances, buy a good candy thermometer before commencing operation. Use a wide mouth cooking vessel for efficient evaporation.

3. Let cool for five minutes and pack into sterilized glass jar and seal.

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