Wrapping The Sugar Palm / Irok Fruits

Can someone guess why the kaong bunch is wrapped in net? I am also thinking what could be the reason. Maybe to protect it from insect pest. Too protect the thick kaong fruit rind? That is ridiculous. Based on rough observation, I have never seen any insect attacking the fruit.

sugar palm irok fruit bunch wrapped in net

Kaong fruit when not harvested for kaong meat, will continue to mature, reach the yellow color stage then fall to ground one by one. As compared to any other fruits, sugar palms’ too do not ripen at the same time. Once past its harvest maturity, fruits are going to serve either of the two purposes, germinate and grow to a irok tree or decay and serve as fertilizer.

Maybe the one who wrapped this wanted to harvest it for kaong meat processing. Such is a very sweet and tasteful delicacy. However, he missed the right timing. It was too matured when he came back to cut down the stalk.

Or maybe, the wrapper man wanted to catch all the falling fruits, collect the seeds and grow it under laboratory or nursery condition. As far as I my knowledge concern, kaong seeds grow naturally in the wild but not under human care. If this is their purpose, I wish them a good luck. I hope they become successful so we can have more sweetened kaong on dinner table.

On the second thought, those two other bunches have no wraps.

three sugar palm fruit bunches

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