Jackfruit Seeds in Microwave Oven

Jackfruit seed is edible but often discarded after the removal of sweet succulent flesh, the lamukot in Tagalog term.

jackfruit seedsIf someone in the group loves cooking, he is going to collect the seeds, boil it and serve for merienda. It taste good. However, the hard to removed slippery covering is a major limiting factor. Anyone should experience the trouble of removing the peels.

To add more value, I experimented making a fried jackfruit seeds. I removed the peels manually. Cut to reasonable sizes then fried in hot oil. The resulting product was an excellent snack with a combined characteristics of potato and cassava.

I tried another, the microwave oven cooked jackfruit seeds. Removed the seed coverings. Placed it in microwave oven for three minutes at highest setting. Then another two minutes at the same wave.

peeled jackfruit seedThe seeds I got were stored for several nights. Most of the seeds have dry testa as a result. It made the removal easier. A machine specifically design for peeling jackfruit seed would make my work easier. It might revolutionize jackfruit seed processing.

The surface became tough, the inner was dry but softer. After second heating, it became tougher and less enjoyable to eat. This was nothing as compared to boiled and fried seeds.

microwaved jackfruit seeds

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  1. of Manila and in other places wihitn the Philippines, as well. This is usually sold along with turon (deep fried wrapped banana with sweet jack fruit), kamotecue (deep-fried skewed sweet potatoes with

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