Jackruit-Tapioca Pearl with Coco Milk

I am sure you are very familiar with this sweet preparation. It is quite similar to ginataang bilo-bilo, but, sweeter and eaten cold instead of in hot state. A simple recipe consisting of only few ingredients. It is best serve for merienda and dessert. It is so yummy and creamy! Try it at home!


2 cups jackfruit, seedless, shredded
1/2 cup tapioca pearl
1 cup 2nd extract coco milk
2 cups 1st extract coco milk, kakang gata
1 1/2 cup sugar

Cooking Procedures:

In a casserole, boil the second extract coconut milk. Add tapioca pearl and cook until plump and tender. Stir it continuously for the cooking duration to avoid tapioca clumping. Add jackfruit and continue cooking for three minutes. Then add the first extract coco milk. Mix thoroughly until the sauce is thickened. Add sugar to suit your taste. Serve hot! Enjoy!

jackfruit tapioca sweet

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