Kabuteng Mamarang (Termitomyces cartilagineus)

Mom gave as mushroom veggies. It was the niluyahang kabuteng mamarang. This mushroom is different than regular cultured mushroom. It is smaller, the color is dark brown and it is tastier.

niluyahang kabute mamarang

I love eating this type of mushroom. However, I can only enjoy it several times a year. I need to wait another 12 months to savor its taste again.

The mushroom only grow in the wilds. I have never heard of anyone who successfully propagated it. The growing season is from moths of August to October. One mamarang sprouting area can have few mushrooms to hundreds. All the mamarang mushroom in specific area will grow at the same time. In short, mamarang grow only once a year.

Growing spots are called tubuan in Tagalog. During growing season, farmers are visiting several tubuan everyday. The mushroom have relatively short lifespan. Sprouted mamarang will only last for a day if left unharvested.

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  1. Would you know where can i buy this kind of mushroom? I’ve been looking but i am not able to find it anywhere.
    The last time i have savored the taste of this was already 23 years ago. 🙁
    It you could help me, i would very much appreciate it

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