Karyoka – Cassava Cue with Young Coconut

I was sitting when a lady passed by. She was shouting “merienda kayo dyan!” She stopped and asked me if I want to buy some. I asked her what it was. She replied it was karyoka.

Hmmm… What is karyoka. It was my first time hearing the strange word. The vendor explained further that it was cassava with young coconut. She showed it to me…

It looks like banana cue, a ball shape banana cue. I was encourage to buy four sticks.

The vendor said it has young coconut with it but the flavor was not convincing. The second ball convinced me that it really has buko. The sugar and tapioca taste was powerful enough to mask coconut flavor.

karyoka bite buko

According to reliable source, my better half, cooking it is simple. Cassava is grated. Mix with sugar and other desired ingredients.Young coconut is one of the many options. Formed into small balls. Then deep fried in oil with brown sugar, like cooking banana cue.

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