The Kaskaron and the Thick Santol Peels Syrup

This little crazy experiment was conducted for two purposes.

Previously, I made santol peels candy, a product similar to dried mango. It tasted great. I liked it. My dear, two nieces and our young boy liked it too. The youngest ate the most.

Cynthia tried cooking her own. She said it tasted really good.

In the latter part, I mentioned, the cooking syrup can be diluted to juice, mixed with other juice or be used for the next batch of peel candy – do the MATH and adjust sugar percentage.

The syrup taste great. It has consistency similar to honey, as sweet as honey but has more kick of acidity.  What if I make it more concentrated? At the same, I wanted to try kaskaron – glutenous rice balls cooked in very thick sugar cane syrup. The said delicacy was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

I weighed 50 grams rice flour. It’s not glutenous. It just got it from our rice flour stock – for making rice milk. Added water while mixing until it reached the dough like consistency. Then formed to 13 pieces balls about the size of a marble. I took out the santol peel syrup. It’s about 100 ml. Placed it in pan. Set the flame to very low. Dropped the rice balls when the syrup became bubbly. And let the rice cooked for about 15 minutes.

About rice balls/kaskaron. A golden yellow appearance with several large cracks. Sweet outside but bland inside. It was tough hard, a texture similar to old steamed rice – bahaw. It’s obvious that it did not absorb enough water. Maybe the taste and texture were better if I used glutenous rice instead.

kaskaron like rice balls in syrup

About the concentrated syrup.  The taste was a delectable sweet and sour combination. It was too concentrated and not fitted for a jelly classification. The texture was similar to inuyat/ginaok , a very thick syrup packed in used milk cans.  Shorter boiling time could have made it a delicious jam.

thickened santol peels syrup inuyat

I think I can polish a santol peels jelly recipe next time.

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