While Waiting for Our Buko Pie !

A relatively big bottle barely filled with lambanog. The spirit is infused with whole langka lamukot. I guessed the langka has been there for a long time. It is loosing its yellow color, becoming hairy – a feature that cannot be observed on fresh jackfruit meat. The bottle with lambanog and langka was able to hold my attention and perhaps it is there for the very purpose.

a big lambanog bottleA barbecue flavored banana chips. Banana chips processing is relatively easy. Many are venturing into this type of business and the competition is becoming stiff. Adding barbecue flavor and filling it in a nice looking package are good methods to gain a market edge.

banana chips originala and smoky barbecueUbe Macapuno and Sapin Sapin. A good way to give customers an option in case the ever popular buko pie is not available. Too bad, the two options are not available too. It leave us no choice but to wait over one our before getting our desired buko pie.

ube macapuno and sapin sapin poster

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