How to Make Lato Seaweeds Salad

Last Saturday, I accompanied my wife to public market (market day are Wednesday and Friday only). I saw the seaweeds while buying tahong (mussels). I got interested because seeing seaweeds in our town public market is rare. Our town is far from seaside. The next town is near seaside but I guessed raising seaweeds there is not appropriate because the water is dirty. Maybe its possible if they got the nerve to do so (Yuck!).

I asked the seller what was the green thing next to her mussels. The seller replied immediately saying that it was seaweeds. Seaweeds? I knew for the fact that it was seaweeds, what I want to know was what kind of seaweeds it was. I never insisted asking though.

The seller added that the seaweeds is good when mixed with tomatoes and onions. She agreed to what the seller told us so we decided to bought a half kilogram.

Making the Lato Seaweeds Salad is pretty easy. Gently wash the seaweeds. It looks like a vine with plenty of light bulbs attached, maybe baseball bats are more suited description. It is crunchy soft so extreme care is needed in washing. Measure one cup of it and mixed gently mixed with one minced onions and one sliced tomato. Addition of salt is not required because seaweeds saltiness is enough. Addition of mayonnaise and other ingredients are optional.

lato seaweed  salad

The Lato Seaweeds Salad is great with plain rice and fried tuyong lawlaw (small fish).


I discovered that the seaweed is locally known as Lato after comparing it to pictures over the internet.

update as of May 21, 2011

Lato salad with ripe mango is also great!

lato seaweed sala second attempt

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  1. Peace! I just wanted to share that if you want your Lato seaweed not to be soft after washing, avoid using your hands during washing and mixing, use 2 spoons, because holding the seaweeds makes it soft and slimy. God bless!

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