How To Make Leche Flan Gelatin, The Leche Tin

Its a leche flan gelatin, a mixture of leche flan and gelatin. Its not a pure leche flan, the sweet, yummy and mouth watering dessert. It can mimic the real thing with the right presentation. I was not given the right to make proper display cause this little thing was the only left for me.

leche tin

My auntie gave it to us. Her daughter prepared this low-cost alternative.

Whenever I attend any celebration like fiesta, birthday, baptismal, weddings and anniversaries, I am always looking for one thing. Everyone will say, “WOW!” when this dessert comes on buffet table. Menudo, mechado, curry, pininyahang manok and kare-kare might have leftover after the occasion but every serving of this dessert will never last a minute. The dessert is non other done leche flan.

As time goes by, less and less people are preparing leche flan. I cannot remember the last time I have eaten some. Oh my! What could be the reasons?

1) A recipe needs 12 eggs, only the yolks. The whites are not needed. What are they going to do with lots of egg whites? Fried eggs whites are not tasty. Whites can be included but it results in a bubbly and rough appearance.

2) Needs two cans condensed milk and five cans evaporated milk, medium cans. Seven milk cans plus a dozen egg are not pocket friendly.

3) The materials mentioned in steps 1 and 2 yields only 4-5 llanera. As I mentioned above, one llanera will never last a minute on buffet table. This is contrary to what the celebrant wants,  food to last to the very last visitor.

To sum up, cooking leche flan is very expensive. Preparing leche tin instead will save a lot of cash. Here is the procedure you can follow. Hope it helps.


1) Measure  one liter water. It can be increased up to 1.4 liters but I opt for one cause I want a firmer texture. Adding milk? Measure all the milk first and subtract it from the required water.

2) Add one pack gelatin powder (approximately 24 grams) gradually with constant stirring. I am using Mr. Gulaman jelly powder mix.

3) Dissolve all powder, add three whole eggs and 1/4 kg sugar. Stir gently until homogeneous. Note: more eggs can be added without affecting texture of end product.

4) Bring the mixture to a near boil and pour in llanera. Cool.

5) To serve: Remove from tray and place on serving plate. Pour caramelized sugar  on top to mimic the leche plan appearance.

Amount of sugar and eggs can be adjusted.


7 Replies to “How To Make Leche Flan Gelatin, The Leche Tin”

  1. can you revise the procedure , i like to know if the water measurement is different from the required milk . if im gonna using big can of evaporated milk , how many can po ang kailangan .

    1. I never included milk in my leche tin recipe. Lessen the water volume if you want to add milk – e.g. 250ml milk and 750 ml water or 500ml milk and 500 ml water.

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