Maja Blanca With Carabao Mango

Another version of maja blanca recipe. This time using only cornstarch as gel agent. Using one part cornstarch for every four parts of other ingredients.

maja blanca with manga

Ingredients: These are the amount I gathered after a simple cross multiplication procedure.
3 cups coconut milk
1.5 cups sugar
1.5 cups cornstarch
1 cup evaporated milk
3 pcs bukyot carabao mango, ripe, cubes. bukyot means very small


1) Get one coconut. Get the coconut grater. Break the nut and grate it yourself. Shed some sweats and tears.

2) Add four cups of lukewarm water to grated coconut. Mash thoroughly with both hands. Strain through clean cheesecloth to get about three cups of coconut milk. Repeat the mashing and straining as necessary to complete the three cups requirements.

3) Place coconut milk in casserole. Add 1.5 cups sugar then heat gently while stirring. Let cool when all sugar are completely dissolved.

4) Add 1.5 cups cornstarch and one cup evaporated milk. Mix well. Cornstarch tends to form lumps making it hard to dissolved. Undissolved starch will cause unpleasant taste. Filter out the lumps and mash it in a small bowl. Add it back to prepared solution.

5) Taste the mixture and adjust according to taste preference – add milk, sugar or other flavorings. Measure all added ingredients. Add additional cornstarch if it exceeds one cup. Do cross multiplication for the necessary adjustment.

6) I added some mango slices. It never exceeded one cup so any cornstarch adjustment is not needed.

7) Place the mixture over low flame. Stir continuously until it becomes very sticky.  Then immediately pour on oil coated tray. Flatten the surface with a spoon. Let cool.

8) Slice to desired sizes using an oil coated knife. Serve.

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