Make Maja Blanca Using Red Corn, Duldol na Mais

Mr. Bong Gordola gave me this maja blanca, known locally as duldol na mais. He said his father-in-law did the cooking. Red corn was used in cooking this delicious duldol, the variety usually grown as animal feed.

It was so delicious and even more delectable if topped with latik, fried coconut milk solids.

I managed to get the recipe to share with. Recipe measurements may not be accurate because this in an old-style cooking, the tantya method.

60 pieces big red corn, near maturity
6 medium coconut, grated
3 kilograms semi-refined sugar, segunda
250 grams margarine
2 big can condensed milk
2 packs of regular cheese (Queso, Cheddar, Kraft etc…)

1. Gather all the corn kernel. Soak in enough water until soft. Grind with electric grinder or manual grinder.
2. Mix ground corn and grated coconut, add with enough water. Mix well and squeeze using clean cheesecloth.
3. Strain the extracted liquid several times until no appreciable amount of solids settle at bottom.
4. Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Sugar maybe adjusted according to your taste preference.
5. Bring the mix solution to boil. Add cheese, milk and margarine.
6. Boil until thick. End point can be determined by getting a small sample and cooling it quickly. The finished product should be firm enough to sustain its shape like a gelatin.

This recipe makes one big wok, isang tulyasi, more than enough to feed your family and neighbors.

duldol corn

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        1. Yes, any corn variety can be used. Sweet corn, white corn and even the controversial BT corn. However, I recommended testing your recipe in small batches. Sweet corn lacks starch content and thus has lower gelling power. This may result to saggy texture that can be remedied by adding commercial corn starch.

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