How to Make Maja Ube

I bought approximately two kilograms of ube, purple yam, from my cousin. It cost me 50 pesos, not bad.  I was still thinking what to do with it that time.

Do you think the ube in the picture weighed two kilograms? Impossible. It was only a portion of what I bought. The real weight was nearly 800 grams. I stored the others for future purposes.

raw unpeeled ube

I made a Maja Ube with this portion. The Maja Kalabasa tasted good. I thought ube version was good tasting too. It was.


1) Wash purple yam with water to remove soils and adhering dirt. Peel off the skin and rinse again. Chopped to small cubes. Ube is slimy. Care should be exercise while peeling and chopping. My hands got very itchy while peeling. I never know why!

ube cubes

2) Boil in small amount of water until soft. Prick it with fork to check. Cool. Mash with a spoon or pass through a kitchen grinder.

mashed ube

3) Weigh the mashed ube. For every 300g ube, add 1 cup rice flour, 1 cup corn starch, 1 or more cup of sugar and 4 cups of water and evaporated milk (1 to 4 cups of milk, add water to make it 4). Mix well the rice flour, cornstarch and sugar before adding to mashed ube. Mix well.

mixing maja ube ingredients

4) Place the mixture over a medium flame. Stir continuously until very tacky. Pour immediately to molding tray. Let cool. I often wait overnight before slicing the maja.

whole maja ube on tray

5) Slice to desired sizes and serve.

sliced maja ube

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