How to Make Bubod for Tapuy Making

The picture below looks like a bread, seems similar to puto seko. I gonna eat it if someone will give it to me and tell me it is a puto seko. Good thing I know that it is bubod, used for making the popular rice wine tapuy.

One of our co-trainees is engaged in tapuy business. She is making tapuy as additional source of income, a home-based processing. My friend and I requested a sample of tapuy and bubod. Then, her husband brought a liter of tapuy and two pieces of bubod as requested.  Their tapuy taste great, bottoms up in a couple of minutes. We are 39 trainees and more than 60 percent are boys – we drank the rice wine in haze.

On the other hand I was more interested on bubod. I can make my own rice wine if I can produce my own culture. She lives in Mindoro, producing rice wine but never know how to culture bubod. Starter culture are bought from Igorots of Pangasinan. Going to Pangasinan or Mindoro is such a hard task. I was very thankful for the two pieces of bubod.

two bubod

I searched my very large library to find any procedure so I can reproduce the two pieces of bubod. There are several but similar methods. I chose this one because it is the most detailed.

1) Grind ordinary rice. You may use a coffee grinder, a Wiley mill, or any equivalent substitute equipment.

2) Mix old powdered bubod (3 g per 100 g rice) and ginger (0.5 g per 100 g rice). You may use crushed dried onwad (?) roots in water enough to make a dough.

3) Mix thoroughly and then mold into palm size patties, 20 cm thick.

4) Place the patties on a tray lined with cheese cloth and allow to stand in an open space for one day and then dry in  oven at 35 ºC for one to two days.

5) Cool and place the bubod in a clean jar and store in refrigerator or in a dry place to avoid mold growth.

I am hoping that I can successfully reproduced bubod so I can make tapuy for myself. Selling tapuy is not in my priority but can be if the situation is favorable.

procedure for bubod starter making is courtesy of philrice

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  1. I am.looking for a source.of bubod. I got some.from Abra but they he gone stale even if I had kept them in the freezer. Have u successfully created good bubod? Can I buy some from you?

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