How to Make Dried Tomatoes (Kamatis)

Dried tomatoes

Raw material
– Unblemished, fully red, ripe and firm tomatoes.

Materials and equipment
– Sodium erythorbate
– Knives.
– Trays.
– Plastic buckets.
– Simple solar dryer.
-Polyethylene or polypropylene/cellophane bags.

– Select unblemished tomatoes of a uniform colour.
– Wash them in drinking water.
– Remove the calyx and peduncle.
– Cut the tomatoes lengthwise, in quarters or eights.
– Remove the seeds and dry separately in the shade.
– Blanch the tomato pieces in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.
– Cool in drinking water and drain.
– Immerse in a sodium erythorbate solution prepared with 1 g erythorbate and 1 l of water. Soak for 15-20 minutes.
– Drain and place on the dryer’s trays, in a single layer. Use trays with a plastic rather than a metal mesh.
– Dry until the pieces become brittle.
– Cool and package in polyethylene or polypropylene/cellophane bags.
– Pack in cardboard boxes to prevent damage caused by light.
– Store in a cool and dry place until the product is consumed.
– The product may be preserved for 1 year.


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