How to Make Plain Garlic Chips

I finally got successful in making banana chips after about ten trials. I never thought that making garlic chips is so delicate. A slightest mistake will render it burnt.


1) Get garlic. Separate each clove and remove the skin.

2) Slice big clove to halves. Leave the small ones as is.

3) Get a glass with a flat bottom and a chopping board.

4) Slowly flatten each clove in between chopping board and glass bottom. Or slice it thinly. Thin slices look more appealing. Pressing is a lot easier so I prefer it.

5) Place the flatten garlic clove in stainless steel strainer.

6) Add enough cooking oil in a frying pan. Amount of cooking oil should be enough to soak all garlic.

7) Set the stove flame to low. Test the oil temperature by dipping a piece of garlic in oil. It is ready when it bubbles gently.

8) Dipped the stainless steel strainer in oil. Fry until slightly golden brown. This will take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on stove temperature. Brown to blackish color is a sign of burnt chip. It taste bitter.

9) Remove from flame immediately and place on manila paper or dry towel to remove excess oil.

fried garlic chips

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  1. Hi Marvin

    Please share also the procedure on how to dry/ roast garlic using an oven since we do not have a dehydrator. Thank you so much

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