How To Make Graham Balls

Work and study schedules are getting hectic and my time to do recipes is getting narrower. Thanks to my super wife who is always there to lighten my work load. She did this graham ball recipe for me. She was the one who took pictures and did the process.

400 grams crushed grahams
400 ml condensed milk
M & M Milk Chocolate or other brands of the same kind
Plain or colored marshmallows
Powdered dessicated coconut


1) Place crushed graham in a mixing bowl. Add condensed milk slowly while mixing until a dough like consistency is achieved. Electric hand mixer or the more robust KitchenAid can make this work easier and more enjoyable.

crushed grahams

Remember, the more condensed milk will make the mixture softer until it becomes fluid, while less will make it harder until it crumbles. Adjust the recipe to your liking. Extra Grahams and condensed milk on hand is recommended.

2) Get a marshmallow. Top it with M & M chip and wrap with generous amount of milk-graham mixture. Roll on powdered desiccated coconut while the surface is still moist. Let it sit for while and the coconut won’t adhere. In case you screwed, a dab of milk spread on surface will solve the problem.

If desiccated coconut is not available, freshly grated can be used as replacement. I recommend a rare ripe coconut. I never know if I am using the right term. It is what we know as alangan in Tagalog. The stage before the coconut skin turns to brown and the meat is still soft for grating.  Expect a shorter shelf life.  Fresh coco is prone to rancidity.

Marshmallows topped with M&Ms. Don’t let them stay in your hands for long. It will melt in your hand before reaching your mouth.

white marshmallows top with m m chocolate

Graham balls filled with marsh mallow and M&M. You may experiment with other fillings such as fruit jams, peanut butter, almonds, pili nut, chocolate chips, fruit chunks and eve vegetables.

graham ball no coconut

rolling graham balls on powdered dessicated coconut

Ready! Enjoy!

a group of graham balls



  • anu po yung advantage and disadvantages ng graham ball ? for thesis lang po namen salamat

  • Puede po bang gumamit ng powder milk sa graham balls? Insted condense milk.

  • Pwede po ba gumamit ng petreoraco sugar b un instead n niyog?

  • Pde nmn po mga sprinkles itoppings db

    • yap sprinkle toppings can be used

  • do you have any suggestions para sa fillings ng graham balls?

    • tart style ( mango, pineapple, guyabano, rambutan )
      buko pie style ( fresh buko )

      I am not sure if empanada/siopao style would work ( menudo, bola bola and asado ). We’ll never know unless we try.

      Please update me about your results!

    • Choco-choco, Marshmallows, Pochi, Strawberry, Chewy chocolates and others 🙂

  • kuya pwede po b malamn lung ilan packs po nabebenta nyo na graham sa isang araw at magkno po thank you po for thesis lang po nmin thanks

    • sorry! I never sell graham for a living

  • hi ilan po days ngtatagal ang grahams ball?

  • do you have recipe for paborita (round crackers) and jocobina? thank you

  • Can I use powdered milk instead of coconut? Kasi yung sa school namin parang milk gamit nila eh. Thank you in advance para sa response.

    • hi.. yup, powdered milk pwede ilagay.. kz un ung nlalagay q sa bnebenta nmin ng kptid q..

  • Same procedure din ba if i put nutella inside instead of mallows inside as a filling?

  • If you like a Oreo graham ball you can just add crushed oreo in the graham mix and roll the marshmallows..
    an idea of my friend which she sells 6 pcs. for 50 pesos but it’s already in a tapper ware and presentable.

  • so ang ball ay may lamang mallow w/ chip. we can say that the ball has fillins

  • ano ung desiccated coconut in tagalog??

    • “tuyong niyog na giniling” mostly from “alangan”. It is safe to use the word “dessicated coconut” when buying from any market. The term is already popular.


  • i really want to try how to make graham balls, im glad that you have recipe for no need to put it in the oven?

  • how many graham balls can be produce with the amount of ingredients you had given?

    • I have no record! I am really sorry!

  • i love your graham ball, awsome thanks for the knowlegde , my son really love it .
    by the way how long it will last? imean the xpiration? again
    thank you very much,

    • I’m sorry! I never know yet how long it will last. There is rarely a leftover every time. We are storing it in refrigerator if there is any.

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