How to Make Instant Aloe Vera Powder


Verline is going to conduct her thesis about aloe vera powder. Powder for making instant juice drink. Wow ! I am using aloe vera for my hair but now she is going to convert it into juice. Are you interested ?

Here are the procedures .

1. Harvest fresh aloe vera leaves and place in clean trays
2. Carefully slice each leaf along edges.
3. Scrape the flesh using spoon.
4. Blend in waring blender.
5. Add one kilo sugar per liter of extracted gel.
6. Heat in stainless steel pot with continuous stirring to prevent scorching .
7. Test for the end point when the solution is hard to stir. Get small sample using spoon and cool immediately in refrigerator. Setting point is reach when the sample becomes powder.
8. Blend in waring blender to get a uniform instant aloe vera powder juice.
9. Pack in air tight bottle.

I have never tasted it yet but they said it is very good.




  • Is sugar optional or a necessity?

  • does this work? I want to try this!!!

  • I never had heard before of home making aloe vera powder. I am going to try it. I will make at home and I am 100% positive that this powder will be as beneficial as all the methods using in aloe vera.

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