How to Make Marshmallows

According to Practical Action, there are two tried and tested marshmallow recipes.

Recipe A
600g sugar
400g glucose
250ml water
50g gelatine
250ml very hot water
5g citric acid or 1tbs lemon juice
Flavourings or colourings

Recipe B
Sugar — 1000g
Cream of tartar — 10g
Water — 500ml (250ml for Gelatine, 250ml (minimum) for sugar)
Gelatine — 50g
Citric acid (or lemon juice) — 5g
Colourings/flavourings — minimum

Method. Follow these instructions for the two recipes.
1. Dissolve the gelatine by adding it to very hot water and transfer to a mixing bowl. If you are using powdered colour and flavours, add these, together with the citric acid, to the gelatine.
2. Boil the sugar and glucose, with at least 250ml of water, to 116°C. The quantity of water is not critical provided that the minimum has been added. More water will result in a longer time to reach 116°C. Using more water is useful for recipe B (with cream of tartar added) because the longer heating time will cause more inversion of the sugar.
3. Slowly pour the hot sugar solution in a thin stream into the gelatine solution, beating all the time. Continue to beat until the maximum volume is attained (approximately 5-10 minutes). If you are using liquid colours and flavours, add them at this point.
4. Pour the mixture into the prepared moulds. Leave to set for 30-60 minutes.
a. If using the starch moulding technique transfer the bowl containing the mixture to a
boiling water bath and heat sufficiently to allow the batch to be poured into the
starch mould. A large icing bag is very useful for piping the marshmallow into the
b. If using the oiled and floured tray technique it might not be necessary to include the additional heating stage. Pour the mixture into the prepared tray.
5. Dust the pieces in a mixture of powdered sugar and cornflour.
6. Pack in moisture proof packaging (polypropylene or cellophane).


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