How To Make Tapioca / Cassava Chips

Auntie was peeling a large piece of cassava. I asked her what was she going to do  with it. As a wild guess, I said cassava cake. My guess was wrong cause she wanted a boiled kamoteng kahoy. She added that my uncle is making french fries out of it. The fries taste is awesome.

If the cassava can be processed to french fries then it could be converted to chips too. I have the idea of making cassava chips a long time ago but I never had the guts to try. Besides, I always forget whenever cassava is available. She is also fast enough to make a boiled cassava or cake.

Today, I saw some cassava in mom’s home. I got two pieces and peeled it while my baby was sleeping. I need to act fast before my she arrive. I sliced it thinly, about one to two millimeters. A very sharp knife is needed to cut the cassava with ease. It is much harder than potato and camote. A barely sharpen knife won’t do.

pagbabalat ng balinghoy

Be careful not to slice your fingers and include them with the chips.

I deep fried the cassava chips for five minutes or until the sides are slightly golden brown. The whole chips will be burnt for sure if I wait for the complete golden brown color.

I placed the cooked chips in stainless strainer to drain off excess oil. Placing it in a clean towel or manila paper is a faster alternative.

tapioca cassava chips

Chips are not crispy when hot. You need to cool them a bit. The color is good, white with slightly golden brown sides. The taste is awesome, very crispy with a yummy cassava taste. What my auntie said earlier was true.

If you want to add some flavor. Sprinkle a flavor powder immediately after removal from heat.  Chips are still wet with oil so the powder will adhere to it readily. Flavors can be barbecue, hot & spicy, cheese, garlic, onion and sweet.

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