How to Make Tomatoe Pulp (Kamatis)

For the preparation of tomato pulp, fully ripe but not spoilt tomatoes are used.

After washing, the tomatoes are drained in order to eliminate the water on the surface. Sorting is done before the tomatoes are cut into halves to facilitate crushing and to detect any possible disease or decay inside.


A manual or electrical juice extractor is used to separate the pulp from the seeds and the skin. The pulp is transferred to a pot and heated until 8-9 degree Brix of solids by refractometer is obtained.

While still hot, the pulp is bottled with the help of a ladle and a funnel (previously “boiled” for few minutes in water). Acid correction is done with a small spoon of lemon juice.

The bottles are closed with a capper. The pasteurization is performed within the same duration as the jars of peeled tomatoes and under the same conditions. Cool overnight. Washing and labelling are the last stages before storage.


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