How to Make Tutong na Kanin

I mentioned in my previous article that I love eating tutong the kanin. The crunchy and golden brown rice at cauldron bottom. I also mentioned that most tutong na kanin are accidental, almost all person never want it. It is caused by amateur cook or doing many things at the same time. They are leaving the rice over the flame for too long or setting the fire too high. Good if the result is a golden brown and crispy tutong, bad if the rice is burnt black.

I want tutong but our recently cooked rice was real good. It was white, plumb, moist and no signs of overcooking. Placing it again over the flame just for tutong is not a good idea.

I got the frying pan. Place it over low flame. Got a cup of freshly cooked rice and put it on frying pan. Spread it to get better heat distribution. And turned every 30 seconds until partly crunchy.

tinutong na kanin toasted rice
I was frustrated with the color though.

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