How to Make Ube Halaya

1) Gather some ube root crop – purple yam. Wash to remove adhering soils and dirt.

2) Peel of the skin then rinse with water.

3) Boil until tender.

4) Grind through electric grinder. Manual grinding could be done but it would be a long and hard process.

5) Mix all the ingredients in a large cooking vessel – tulyasi. For every ten kilograms of mashed ube, add six large cans condense milk, six large cans evaporated milk and five kilograms of sugar. Mix well and make taste adjustment. It cannot be made during the later part of the process. Note that it will become sweeter due to water evaporation.

6) Place the cooking vessel over the flame and stir continuously – about three to four hours stirring. Lesser amount of ingredients means shorter cooking time.

stirring ube halaya

7) The ube halaya is ready when the mixture is tacky – no falling mixture when the stirring ladle is lifted.

just cooked ube halaya

8) Immediately place lumps on plate and form it to a half circle. Use banana leaf with little margarine or olive oil to smoothen the surface.

smoothen ube halaya

The ube used for this recipe was ubeng kalabaw. Purple dye was added to achieve similar color.



  • Thanks for the tips. Is it ok to use coconut milk instead of a regular water?

    • Do you mean, It is okay to use coconut milk instead of condensed milk? I never tried it yet. Perhaps half coconut milk and half condense milk will do well.

  • Im thankful for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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