The Making of Red Chili Powder

They did the effort of patiently drying these group of hot chili peppers but never wanted to do the last two hard parts, the roasting and grinding. They were thinking, roasting will cause emission of flavors which are very irritating to nose and eyes.

chili pepper in cellophanechilli pepper on bilaoThe chilis. I first thought they were siling panigang but they were not.  These chili are way bigger than regular siling labuyo but two times smaller than siling panigang. The grower explained further, fruit of hot chili grow upward while the panigang group and the likes of chili pepper grow downward. These grow upward just like miniature labuyo and are about as hot.

The drying. By batches, chilis were scattered on bilao.  Placed under the direct heat of sun continually for several weeks. It was a rain and shine situation so the drying took the long several weeks.

The roasting. It is common to us to roast or toast herb and spices. I tried to find out the reason for this but mr web never showed no appropriate answer.

chili pepper before roastingBased purely on my intuition, roasting  is needed to drive the residual moisture out, making it crisp enough for easy grinding. The extended shelf life brought by sufficient drying is a bonus.

I patiently removed all the dried stalks. Put the red chili in big pan. Set the gas stove flame to very low. Did continious stirring for almost 30 minutes until the dried chili skin began crumbling.

chili pepper removing the stalksWhile roasting, the smell seemed irritating but not as bad as I expected. However, my wife opened the door and a window to fend it off. It seemed she was very irritated.

The grinding. I used the manual steel burr corn mill for reducing its particle size. I adjusted the setting just enough to pulverize the skin and some seeds. Leaving whole seeds seem to give it a more natural look.

chili powder in stainless steelGrinding was the hardest. The odor was very irritating. I had a runny nose and intermittent coughing.

chili pepper in bottle

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  1. Toast Chilis in an oven, 450 degrees F for 10 minutes, larger sizes 15 minutes or longer. Let cool and cut off stems before grinding. Make sure chilis are washed clean and dried before roasting.

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