Mango-Cucumber Dessert


1/2 kilo mango ripe, cubes
2 pcs cucumber, cubes
1 can condensed milk
1 small can evap milk
1 tetra pack all purpose cream
1 sachet Mr. Gulaman (strawberry flavor)
6 cups water
sugar to taste


How to Prepare Gelatin Gulaman:

In a casserole, add six cups of water. Pour one sachet of Mr. Gulaman. Mix thoroughly. Boil for five minutes. Add sugar to taste and continue stirring. Pour into tray. Let it cool. Then, slice to cubes. Set aside.

Peel cucumber and remove seeds. Slice into cubes. In a mixing bowl, add ripe mango cucumber and gelatin. Pour condensed milk and all purpose cream. Mix thoroughly. Now, Cover the mixing bowl and refrigerate for at least an hour. Serve cold. Enjoy eating dessert!

mango cucumber dessert

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