How to Make Mango Graham Balls

This is a remake of the recipe How to Make Graham Balls. My hubby’s recipe has marsh mallow and M&M chocolate as middle component. I ditch that out and cooked some mango jam as replacement. I never claimed mine is better but I guarantee it is as good.

I am still not good at measuring things but trying my best. I assure it will eventually improve over time. Please bear with me!

Here it is!

1) Measure one part ripe and chopped carabao mangoes and one part white sugar. Get brown sugar if you like. Mix the two together in a pan over low flame continuously until a jam consistency is achieved. Set aside.

2) Place crushed graham in a mixing bowl. Add condensed milk slowly while mixing until a dough like consistency is achieved.

3) Get a lump of mango jam, about he size of marshmallow used in previous recipe. Form it to ball and wrap with generous amount of milk-graham mixture. Roll on ground dessicated coconut while the surface is still moist. Repeat until all the prepared materials are consumed.

4) Enjoy!

mango jam graham balls

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