How to Make Chicken Intestine Barbecue, Isaw

broiling isaw

Before the chicken intestines are thrown away, no use for it. Now, the intestines are cleaned and sold as isaw (chicken intestine barbecue) by street vendors.

1) Buy chicken intestine only from trusted retailer. Some vendors never clean it thoroughly. The remaining waste materials inside the intestines are not edible and will only add weight to your purchase.
2) Clean the intestines again by gently squeezing it with fingers to remove some remaining waste. Option 2. Open the intestines with scissors and clean it with running water. Option 3. Pass a running water through the intestine by using a small water hose.
3) Prick a desired length through a barbecue stick.

raw isaw on stick

4) Grill it over a medium temperature charcoal stove for 30 minutes. Turn and brush with marinade (a mixture of cooking oil, banana ketchup, soy sauce, oyster sauce and chili sauce) every 2 minutes.

5) Other ingredients of choice can be added to marinade. Grilling time can be shortened by increasing stove temperature. Take caution to prevent burning of barbecue.

grilling isaw

broiling isaw



  • Try boiling it with garlic, pepper and vinegar… Hope it helps..;)

  • * ako.. pnakuLuan ko muna.. kxo ang liit ng tgnan,,?1 ung kalahating kilo n bnili ko,, prNg ngng 1/4 n lng tgnan.. ang unti pgitinuhog muh s BBQ Stck.. gusto q kc.. ung pngbenta..

  • you forgot to mention that it needs to be boiled before pegging to ensure its cleanliness.

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