How to Make Blood Sausage

BLOOD SAUSAGE. a Central European product
(Precooked-cooked sausage type, coarse mixture)

Raw materials: (calculated for 10 kg batch)
20.00 % Pig blood, raw 2.000 kg
25.00 % Pork head-meat, pre-cooked 2.500 kg
25.00 % Pork belly, pre-cooked 2.500 kg
20.00 % Pork skin, pre-cooked 2.000 kg
5.00 % Meat soup (broth) 0.500 kg
5.00 % Onions, raw 0.500 kg

(per kg materials) (total for 10 kg)
16.00 g Nitrite curing salt 160.00 g
(per kg materials) (total for 10 kg)
2.50 g White pepper, ground 25.00 g
1.00 g Cloves, ground 10.00 g
0.70 g Marjoram 7.00 g
0.50 g Pimento (allspice), ground 5.00 g
0.30 g Nutmeg, ground 3.00 g

COOK —Pig heads, pork skin and pork belly
DE-BONE —Cooked pig heads (beware of teeth)
CUT —Pig head material and belly into dices or stripes
GRIND —Cooked hot pork skin, onions and broth 3 mm
MIX —a) fat and meat dices with salt and spices b) spiced dices with ground pork skin and add blood
STUFF —Into pork intestines of desired size
COOK —At +82°C to a core temperature of +75°C
COOL —On air and transfer to cold room for 24 hours
SMOKE —Cold smoke at < +22°C over night
STORE —In cold room at < +4°C, shelf life < 21 days

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

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