How to Make Chicken Hotdog

CHICKEN HOTDOG (substantially extended)
(Raw-cooked sausage type, finely chopped batter)

Raw materials: (calculated for 30 kg batch)
20.00 % Chicken meat trimmings, lean 6.000 kg
20.00 % Chicken MDM 6.000 kg
20.00 % Chicken fat emulsion (1:6:6) 6.000 kg
18.00 % Ice (drinking water) 5.400 kg

12.00 % Water for hydration of TVP (1:3) 3.600 kg
4.00 % TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) 1.200 kg
0.50 % ISP (Isolated Soya Protein) 0.150 kg
4.00 % Potato starch 1.200 kg
1.50 % Skimmed milk 0.450 kg

(per kg raw materials and extenders) (total for 30 kg)
10.00 g Nitrite curing salt 300.00 g
2.00 g Phosphate 60.00 g
0.10 g Sodium erythorbate 3.00 g
1.00 g Food colouring (liquid) 30.00 g

(per kg raw materials and extenders) (total for 30 kg)
2.00 g White pepper, ground 60.00 g
0.30 g Nutmeg, ground 9.00 g
0.60 g Garlic powder 18.00 g

GRIND —Meat trimmings 3 mm and chill over night
EMULSIFY —Vegetable oil and chicken fats, chill emulsions at < 0°C
HYDRATE TVP —by mixing with cold water 1:3
CHOP —Meats, ice, extenders and additives for 10-15 rounds
Add —fat emulsion and seasonings and chop until +12°C
STUFF —Into peeling casings diameter 20-22 mm and link
SMOKE —Dry for 30 min. at +45°C, smoke at +65°C for 30 min.
COOK —In water or steam at +75°C for 20 min.
COOL —Under cold shower or in water, vacuum pack and chill
STORE — in less than 4°C, SHELF LIFE LESS THAN 10 DAYS

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology



  • sir gusto ko pong matutu gumawa ng cheken hot dog at beef po , sir ,san ko po kayo pwede ding puntahan

  • Sir,gud day po..tanung ko lng po nagtuturo ka ba ng actual making chicken hotdog po?kasi po interesado ako matotoo..Mraming slamat po sir sa blog mo…

    • nope. but i am sure you can perfect it after few trials. thanks!

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