ISAAN SAUSAGE / Herb Sausage Recipe

ISAAN SAUSAGE / Herb Sausage , Fresh sausage type, coarse mixture

Indigenous meat product of Thailand

Raw Materials: (calculated for 10 kg batch)
80.00 % Pork meat trimmings, lean 8.000 kg
20.00 % Pork belly and back fat 2.000 kg

(per kg raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
10.00 g Common salt 100.00 g
2.00 g Erythorbate 20.00 g
(per kg raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
1.00 g Chilli paste 10.00 g
1.50 g Soy sauce 15.00 g
1.00 g Shrimp paste 10.00 g
1.00 g Lemon grass 10.00 g
10.00 g Fresh garlic 100.00 g
1.00 g MSG (mono sodium glutamate) 10.00 g

CUT –Pork meat and belly fat trimmings in small pieces
MIX –Pork meat, fats, additives and seasoning
GRIND –Mixture 5 mm
STUFF –Into natural pork casings (26-28mm)
STORE –Under refrigeration, self-life <2 days
PREPARE –Roast on charcoal or gas grill

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

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