How to Make Juicy Burger, Beef and Pork

Recipe 1

JUICY BURGER (Beef/pork mixture, premium, Philippines)
Fresh processed meat product, coarse mixture

Raw materials: (calculated for 5 kg batch)
40.00 % Beef lean, ground 2.000 kg
45.00 % Pork lean, ground 2.250 kg
10.00 % Pork back fat 0.500 kg
5.00 % Potable water 0.250 kg

(per kg of raw materials) (total for 5 kg)
12.00 g Common salt 60.00 g
2.00 g Phosphate 15.00 g

(per kg of raw materials) (total for 5 kg)
10.00 g Sugar, refined 50.00 g
11.00 g Garlic, chopped 55.00 g
5.00 g Black pepper ground 25.00 g
1.50 g Monosodium glutamate (MSG) 7.50 g
1.00 g Celery powder 5.00 g
130.00 g Onion, chopped 650.00 g
30.00 g Wheat flour 150.00 g
2 pcs Eggs, fresh 10 pcs


  1. CUT Lean meat and pork back fat into small pieces
  2. MIX Lean meat, back fat, additives and seasoning
  3. GRIND Mixture 3mm
  4. FORM Into patties (50 g per patty) in paperlyne
  5. PACK In PE bag and seal
  6. STORE In freezer at -18°C
  7. PREPARE Fry in shallow oil or grill on charcoal

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