How to Make Liquid Smoke


Liquid smoke can be used as an ingredient to sausages in smoke impermeable casings in order to achieve a certain degree of smoke flavour. As impermeable casings do not allow the penetration of gaseous smoke, liquid smoke can be added to the sausage mix during the manufacturing process. The starting point for the production of liquid smoke is natural smoke, generated by burning/smouldering wood under controlled temperatures with the input of an air supply.

There are basically two different methods used for the subsequent processing of liquid smoke:

1. Direct condensation of natural wood smoke to liquid smoke. Like distillation of alcohol, the process can be completely adapted from this method.
2. Penetration of the smoke into a carrier substance on the basis of water or oil and using this “smoked” carrier substance as an ingredient for meat products


Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology


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