How to Make Lucban Longganisa, Quezon Native Sausage


Lucban longganisa or sausage is very popular in Quezon province. It has stronger garlic flavor than any other counterpart. If you miss this product badly and don’t have time to travel to Quezon. Problem solved ! You can make your own Lucban longganisa.

Longganisa is the commercial term for Philippine native sausage.

1 kg ground pork, 1/4 lean and 1/4 backfat
1 tbsp granular salt
1 1/2 tbsp herbs such as oregano, lemon grass , pasotes or basil (chopped)
1 1/2 tbsp pimenton
3 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp black pepper



Materials :
Pork casing
Buntal fibers
Chopping board
Wooden Spoon

1. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a clean basin.
2. Cure the mixture for two hours.
3. Stuff the mixture carefully in pork casing using funnel.
4. Depending on the length of longganisa you prefer, tie both ends with buntal fiber.
5. Air dry the longanisa by hanging it.
6. If you like to sell your langgonisa, pack it in a good packaging material.
7. Store in refrigerator to lengthen its shelf life.



  • Your ingredients mention “1 1/2 herbs” is that Tbsp? Or something else? Will try with tanglad….

    • that is also tbsp, chopped. You may vary the quantity your liking.

  • Hi. Did you used a fermentation chamber for this? How did you air dried it? Thanks. 🙂

    • fermentation chamber? or do you mean the curing process. Curing maybe carried out in ambient temp for short periods. Place in chiller if you want longer curing times. It has effect on flavor development. Try different curing times and see what you got.

      Air drying. For the cheap – just use electric fan. More sanitary way -> a cabinet with provisions for exhaust fan and intake fan.

      Smoking is another way to dry.

      Tell about your output and let’s what we can do..

      Best of luck!

  • Thanks 🙁
    but as a devoted Longganisa Lucban consumer.
    the taste of lemon grass , pasotes or basil,
    I NEVER really noticed.
    I so know the taste and aroma of lemon grass aka tangglad.’
    Chicken Tinola has that tangglad ingredient.
    Basil? is this the Thai basil or Mediterranean Basil.
    Maybe this is your own special recipe but then
    NOT a Lucban Longganisa recipe & the hmmm oh so original one?
    I will try your recipe, who knows.
    Maybe your recipe s better than the authentic one 😉

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