How to Make Chicken Vienna Sausage

CHICKEN VIENNAS (premium quality, pure poultry product)
(Raw-cooked sausage type, finely chopped batter)

Raw materials: (calculated for a 30 kg batch)
50.00 % Chicken meat trimmings, lean 15.000 kg
10.00 % Vegetable oil 3.000 kg
20.00 % Chicken fat emulsion (1:6:6) 6.000 kg
20.00 % Ice (drinking water) 6.000 kg

(per kg raw materials and extenders) (total for 30 kg)
10.00 g Nitrite curing salt 300.00 g
2.00 g Phosphate 60.00 g
0.10 g Sodium erythorbate 3.00 g
1.00 g Food colouring (liquid) 30.00 g

(per kg raw materials and extenders) (total for 30 kg)
2.00 g White pepper, ground 60.00 g
0.30 g Nutmeg, ground 9.00 g
0.60 g Garlic powder 18.00 g


  • GRIND Meat trimmings 3 mm
  • EMULSIFY Chicken skin/fats, chill emulsions at < 0°C
  • CHILL Meat trimmings and vegetable oil over night
  • CHOP Meats, ice, extenders and additives for 10-15 rounds
  • Add fat emulsion and seasonings and chop until +12°C
  • STUFF Into sheep or collagen casings, 20-22 mm and link
  • SMOKE Dry for 30 min. at +45°C, smoke at +65°C for 30 min.
  • COOK In water or steam at +75°C for 20 min.
  • COOL under cold shower or in water, vacuum pack and chill
  • STORE < +4 C, shelf life less than 10 days

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

vienna sausage

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  2. I need the instruction for making sausage . Which material in how much amount should be used to make 1 kg of chicken sausage for commercial purpose. If any one could mail me at my id i’d greatful.

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