NAEM / Fermented Pork Product Recipe

NAEM (also Nham) / Fermented Pork Product,  Fermented sausage type, coarse mixture

Indigenous meat product found in South-east Asia.

Raw Materials: (calculated for 10 kg batch)
60.00 % Pork meat, lean 6.000 kg
20.00 % Pork skin 2.000 kg
Extenders: (calculated for 10 kg batch)
20.00 % Rice, medium quality, cooked 2.000 kg

(per kg raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
23.00 g Nitrite curing salt 230.00 g
1.00 g MSG (mono sodium glutamate) 10.00 g

(per kg raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
15.00 g Chilli, fresh 150.00 g
2.00 g Sugar 20.00 g
80.00 g Fresh garlic 800.00 g

PRECOOK –Rice (cook in water or steam). Pork skin in boiling water
CUT –Lean pork meat in smaller pieces. Cooked pork skin in small stripes
GRIND –Pork meat, seasonings and garlic 3 mm
MIX –Mixture with cooked rice and pork skin
PORTION –Wrap small quantities in banana leaves (traditional) or stuff in perforated plastic casings (35 mm)
FERMENT –At room temperature (+25-30°C) for 2-4 days
STORE –Under refrigeration, shelf-life 2 weeks
CONSUME –As snack or use as ingredient to meals

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

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