Sour Tasting Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat

Have you ever eaten a sour hot dog?  I have. Not once, but several times already. I thought it was okay. I was thinking there were brands formulated to have slightly acidic taste. Not to differentiate flavor but to extend its shelf life further.

I began suspecting after tasting a sour chicken nuggets. It shouldn’t taste like that.

I can’t find any article about sour tasting hot dog and other processed meats so I am posting my educated guess. Take not that it is not valid until scientifically proven.  I mean subjecting newly processed products under laboratory experiments.

Many have this common ingredient. The table sugar. It has three purposes. First is lowering water activity thus preventing microbial spoilage. Second, prevent the toughening effect of salt. That was what I learnt from my college professor. Third is act as flavor enhancer.

Accept the fact. Process meats that we love are made from scrap and low quality raw materials. Mostly trimmings, backfats, ligaments and poor tasting carabeef. Manufacturers need to add flavor enhancers to make it more appealing to us, especially kids.

Meat products, even though has preservatives, need to be in frozen state. They are unintentionally thawed when on display in public market stalls. Frozen after the day and thawed again the next day. This practice gives way to spoilage microorganism entry and growth.

Yeast converting sugars to alcohol. Then alcohol to acetic acid by certain bacterial species. Other probable cause of souring is growth of lactic acid bacteria under anaerobic conditions. Vacuum packed products are likely to suffer this spoilage type.


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