THURINGIAN BBQ SAUSAGE, (Fresh sausage type, coarse meat with binder, water added)


Raw materials: calculated for 10 kg batch
50.00 % Pork trimmings, lean, fresh 5.000 kg
30.00 % Pork belly without skin, fresh 3.000 kg
15.00 % Beef trimmings, lean 1.500 kg
5.00 % Ice (potable water) 0.500 kg

(per kg of raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
15.00 g Common salt (refined) 150.00 g
1.50 g Phosphate, plain (>pH 7.3) 15.00 g

(per kg of raw materials) (total for 10 kg)
50.00 g Onions, fresh 500.00 g
2.00 g White pepper, ground 20.00 g
0.30 g Ginger, ground 3.00 g
0.30 g Cardamom, ground 3.00 g
0.20 g Nutmeg, ground 2.00 g


  1. GRIND Beef trimmings and onions 3 mm
  2. CHOP Ground beef with ice and all additives
  3. Until a fine lean batter is achieved
  4. CUT Pork meat and belly in small pieces
  5. MIX Fresh pork meat, onions, ground beef, seasonings
  6. GRIND Meat/onion/seasonings mixture 5 mm
  7. MIX All ground materials and fine beef batter thoroughly
  8. STUFF Into natural sheep casings (22-24 mm)
  9. PORTION Link to sausages of desired size (60-100 g)
  10. STORE Below +4°C, shelf life < 2 days
  11. PREPARE Fry in a frying pan or roast on a grill

Gunter Heinz & Peter Hautzinger – Meat Processing Technology

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