Removing Meatloaf from a Two-Piece Can

Most meatloaf are packed in a three-piece can. With the help of good can opener, both ends of the can be opened with a clean cut. Can opener grips on can seams and a nice opening can be made by rotating the lever.

This meatloaf is packed in a two-piece can. In my opinion, doing such is not a good idea. Notice that the bottom end has no seam. A nice opening can be made on top of the can but opening the bottom is another story. The can opener won’t grip at can bottom.

Anyway, the bottom can be opened by pricking and slicing it with a knife but a clean opening cannot be made by this technique. Be careful to avoid accidental wounds caused by knife and bad can openings.

The hard and safe way to do the removal is to made an opening on top. Hold the can upside down with right hand. Then tap the right palm to left palm repeatedly until the meatloaf comes out.

tin can bottom

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