Finishing the Malalapad na Gayat and Menudo

I said the two meat dishes we prepared yesterday need to be reheated now.  Well, it was more than just reheating. The malalapad na gayat was needing two more ingredients and the menudo was needing three more. The first had no wide potato slices and bell pepper yet, while the latter had no chopped potatoes, chopped carrots and bell pepper.

Bell pepper is for flavoring purposes and I should have added it yesterday, not today.  The two canned green peas which were part of ingredient listing were also missed. My bad.

I was guessing, potatoes are added not for additional flavor and not for health reasons either. Potatoes are extenders. They are meant to add volume. To make the cost lower way back when potatoes where not yet expensive. Relative crops such as cassava, sweet potato, purple yam and gabi can also be added as extenders but will definitely changed the viand’s name.

The actual cooking. I mixed the rest of  ingredient with malalapad na gayat. Transferred it to cooking vessel. Brought it to boil. Lowered the flame just to maintain slow boiling. Put off the fire when potato slices could be pierced easily with fork.

final touch malalapad na gayat final touch menudo

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