Cracking and Milling Light Colored Adlai Grains

These were adlai grains. I was wondering why they were so light colored. Other grains I have seen were dark red and grey. Seed shell was relatively brittle than what I described before.  The usual grains I have been seeing in my place were hard and could be made into durable necklace and bracelet. On the contrary, these could be cracked in between fingers and the whole grain could be gathered with ease. Go and press them one by one!

light colored adlai grains

The coffee mill was cleaned thoroughly and a kilogram of adlai grains was passed through. It resulted to a bunch of husks which I thought could be used for making pillows.

a kilog of milled adlai

According to him, a handful of grains could be gathered after winnowing. Pretty small as compared to rice. However, it has advantage over rice. Adlai is resistant to drought, it can live in wilderness without the need for much water. For all we know, rice is an irrigated crop.

Sorry! I never had a chance to know its actual yield.

I guessed Kuya Onad set the mill too tight. A well milled adlai should look like this. Please pretend you never see the pieces of roasted coffee!

milled adlai grains with coffee beans

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