Update : Making My Own Bubod [For Tapuy Making]

I never know how long I have stored my two pieces of bubod. It is the starter for tapuy making. Probably a mixture of several microorganisms for lactic acid and alcohol fermentation. Charming Christy gave it to us, to me and to Bong. I grabbed them both though.

I want to make some tapuy. I want to use the bread-like wine starter. However, Chisty lives in Mindoro. Getting there is a hassle and very costly. Making my own starter would be a wise idea.

I went to plaza and bought 1/4 kg of giniling na bigas. I only needed 100 grams but the seller have pre-packed ground rice, 1/4 kg for 30 pesos each. I set aside the unused material for our toddler’s rice milk.

I gathered 0.5 gram fresh ginger then chopped it thinly. I never sure what its real purpose, it might be to prevent the growth of invading microorganisms.

All materials set. I pound the three grams of bubod and mixed it thoroughly with other two ingredients. Then added water gradually until I formed the dough. I molded it like the shape of palutang and placed in a tray lined with paper.

making bubod ingredients

mixing bubod dough

fresh bubod on trays

I needed to wait 24 hours before drying.

update as of july 16, 2011

The 24 hours period have passed. I will start drying tomorrow. I have no oven so I will use the roof drying method.

update as of july 18, 2011

I think my first experiment was a failure. I repeated it from the start.

update as of july 19, 2011

This is the picture of my first attempt. It has a brown and black filamentous mold.

trying to make bubod

I tried searching for picture of koji – a material used for making sake or rice wine. The mold growth is similar to koji as shown in sake-world. Then my mistake was,” I never dried it immediately after the 24 hours of incubation. The extension period allowed the mold to grow to filamentous form.

update as of july 21, 2011

I said before that I have no oven and must resort to roof drying. Our house second flour has no roof yet. Staying day during day time is not comfortable, very hot. I covered the tray with clean piece of cloth and place it just beneath the steel roof. I leaved it there for two days.

Now I have more bubod to try making tapuy.ย  These are the result of second trial.

freshly made bubod


7 Replies to “Update : Making My Own Bubod [For Tapuy Making]”

  1. Where can i find bubud here in montreal quebec canada or what were the engridients cristy use to produce that bubud she gave u. Please reply, thanks.;)

  2. hi. can we buy bubod from you? am from cebu, i dont know where to find this bubod thing, is this available in the supermarket?

    actually we are having our thesis right now and our proposed product is rice wine,but the problem is we don’t have bubod for the fermentation process. please reply.

    1. I want to help you but I cannot sell my bubod cause it is not tested yet. I still have no time to setup the experiment.

      The bubod sample I started with came from my friend from Mindoro. Her name is Charming Cristy – maker of tapuy. Here is her profile ID [http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000989427917] Make friends with her and ask to sell you some bubod. Tell her you were refereed by me.

      1. hello. thanks a lot for your reply..okay i will try to communicate with your friend in facebook. hope she will respond my request ๐Ÿ™‚ really really thanks.

        and also, hope you will share with us the outcome of your first bubod experiment ๐Ÿ™‚

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