How to Make Sweet Nata de Pakwan (?) From Watermelon Peels

I have a previous article on how to make a not so sweet watermelon sweeter. It is done by sprinkling some sugar and let stand for few minutes. The slice will be sweeter even if a part of it is pale. I have no remedy for pale watermelon yet. Just close your eyes and imagine it is yummy red. I got this idea from a restaurant chef. I asked about bland watermelon out of curiosity.

The whole watermelon can be eaten. Almost, I am peeling off the outermost green skin and placing it on my garden pots as compost.

These are what we do before serving watermelon on dining table. We cut them to eight moon shape parts. Then we get the red flesh by making a curve cut just before the white portion of rind. We then place the sweet red flesh on serving plate while the rind goes to garbage bin.

thick water melon rind

Why are we throwing the peels? First, we like sweet – watermelon peel is not sweet. Second, we are too lazy to make it sweeter or more palatable.

I made a sweetened watermelon peel. It is sweet and the texture is like nata de coco, a softer nata de coco. She liked it. My sister liked it too and it took her several minutes to figure out what it is made of.

How to make sweetened watermelon peels or nata de pakwan. Or shall we call it nata de peke:

1) Save watermelon peels.

2) Remove the outermost green covering by means of guided fruit peeler. It is harder to do accomplish this with plain knife.

3) Cut into cubes, about 1.5 cm by 2 cm.

4) Measure one part cubes, one part water and one part sugar (can be adjusted as needed).

5) Bring the mixture to a slow boil for 30 minutes or until the cubes are semi transparent.

6) Remove from heat. Let stand for at least three hours to allow complete penetration of sugar.

7) Serve.

nata de pakwan



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