The Not So Bloody Dinuguan

It was her first time cooking dinuguan. She bought fresh pig blood, cleaned pig entrails, a cut of liempo and a piece of sayote. She wanted her first ever dinuguan recipe to have a touch of veggie. Other ingredients like siling panigang, vinegar, onions, garlic and cooking oil are available at home.

The dinuguan or maybe the sauteed pig blood. The Tagalog term dugo is blood in English. It is cooked by sauteing in onion and garlic and added with some vinegar. Maybe there is a more appropriate term.

According to mom, dinuguan is cooked by: Sauteing garlic and onions. Adding the entrails, siling panigang, chopped liempo, water and vinegar. Letting it boil. Adding the fresh blood slowly with continuous stirring. The stirring should be continued until the solution boils again. Adding veggies of choice and adjusting taste.

Back to her recipe. It tasted so good but something was not right. Unless told, anyone would never thought it was a dinuguan. The cooked blood should form a thick soup, about as thick as tomato paste. However, she failed the continued stirring instruction and it became like a scrambled egg. A not so bloody dinuguan.

dinuguan on spoondinuguan rice mix

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