Making My Very Own Turmeric Salted Egg

Driven by the curiosity on turmeric salted egg which I saw in WOFEX 2013, I’d gathered these materials to make few for myself.

1) The ordinary table salt, it is a sea salt perhaps.
2) Turmeric, luyang dilaw. It is going to add flavor and color to salted egg. I am expecting to see whether the color is stable or not. The annatto color in water is not stable.
3) White chicken eggs. The normal material should be duck eggs. These alternative should do the trick for now.
4) A two is to one water to salt solution. I think, the turmeric color and flavor travel faster in brine than mud.
5) A small container for storage.
6) A bag of clean water to prevent eggs from floating.


I dissolved one part salt for every two parts lukewarm water in a container. Added the grated turmeric and white chicken eggs. Placed water bag on top to keep the eggs submerged.

It should be ready after 12 days.

white chicken egg luyang dilaw salt and container

preparing brinebrine solution with grated turmericsoaking egg in brine turmeric mixturewater bag to keep eggs submerged======
please see update to this post here!

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