Paksiw na Bangus, Milkfish Vinegar Stew with Ampalaya

1 bangus (milkfish), steak cut
3 okra, cut in middle part
1/2 cup sliced ampalaya (bitter gourd)
1 onion, sliced
1 thumb sized ginger, sliced
a pinched of pepper
salt to taste

1) Wash fish and vegetables thoroughly.
2) Place fish in a casserole, Add onion, pepper,ginger and desired amount of vinegar and water. Boil for five minutes.
3) Drop okra and ampalaya and boil for another three minutes. Add salt to taste.
4) Serve.

paksiw na bangus

Desired sourness can be attained by adjusting the ratio of water and vinegar. Other vegetables of choice may be included.

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