How to Cook Palutang, Gluntenous Rice Balls

Palutang or glutenous rice balls are cooked every New Year.  We cooked it because we believe to superstitious belief that it can bring good luck, para lumutang ang swerte – as in palutang. Cooking should be done at exactly 12 midnight of December 31.

1) Mix ground glutenous rice with water. Add water very slowly while mixing until a firm ball can be made out of the mixture.
2) Get a small lump of rice dough, about the size of a marble. Form it to round shape by mean of left and right palm. Then press lightly with fore finger.
3) Drop the palutang in boiling water one by one. Cooked palutang will float in about 30 seconds or less.
4) Get the floated rice balls and place them in cold water to prevent sticking.
5) Serve with muscovado sugar and grated coconut.

palutang shape

floating paluting rice dough

palutang in water

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