From Polvoron to Pastillas de Leche

Let us compare these two sweets, the polvoron and pastillas de leche.

Polvoron uses flour, sugar, powdered milk and butter as basic ingredients. Pastillas uses powdered milk and condensed milk as basic ingredients. A milk fortified with another milk. Both are solid products. The first is drier, uses butter as binder and crumbles easily to touch. The latter is more moist, uses condensed milk as binder and able to transform its shape according to external pressure. They are both made of powder added with certain binder to retain it shape. Then the same set of ingredients can be used to create either or both products.

I tried using pastillas de leche ingredients to make polvoron and the first. The popular ingredients for making pastillas are:

2 cups powdered milk, skimmed milk or popular commercial brands
1 can condensed milk, 300 ml or 390 g
1/2 cup granulated sugar, for rolling of formed pastillas

To make pastillas de leche: Place condensed milk in a large bowl. Add the powdered milk and mix thoroughly. Set aside for ten minutes. Form to desired shape and size. Roll on sugar and wrap.

The above ingredient amounts and procedure are tested and making mistakes is minimal. Excess milk will result to wet and soft pastillas, too dry otherwise. Follow these instead if in doubt: Place powdered milk in a large bowl. Add condensed milk gradually  while mixing. It is ready for molding when very tacky or hard to mix.

To make polvoron: Place powdered milk in large bowl. Add condensed milk gradually while mixing until it can be molded with a strike of polvoron maker. Be careful not to add too much liquid. The polvoron will stick to metal side and removing will be hard. In case of this mistake, add more powder to counteract or forget the polvoron and make pastillas de leche instead.

polvoron and pastillas de leche

20 Replies to “From Polvoron to Pastillas de Leche”

  1. gamitin nyo yung mamahaling skim milk yan gamit ko…sir marvin pano poh gumawa ng pang commercial na mga new way poh ba?ano poh yung pwede naming ilagay para dumami at less cost…

  2. can i use skimmed milk powder in making pastillas? if not what are the types of powder milk i can use. shoukd i just say powdered milk to a store. do they know it automatically? thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you can use skimmed milk bought from bakery supply stores. There is no skimmed milk in supermarkets, sari-sari stores and groceries. Your choice there are Alaska, Nido and the likes.

      Note that skimmed milk has natural acidic taste which will contribute to product’s flavor.

      1. but why it taste like flour,, are you filipino sir, yes i bought it from a gen merchandise store for bakers , it only has a label skimmed milk i cannot say if its nido or alaska, i used nido full cream milk before and it taste good.

    2. i need help. i made pastillas using skimmed milk powder , it taste flour , its fine if i cannot use that mixture anymore. I use nido powder milk before but its too expensive if ill use that kind of ingredients again since this time we will sell these candies. right now i have 1kilo powdered skimmed milk left and i dont know where to use iy, 2nd i dont know what king of powdere milk i will use to make pastillas that will not taste like flour, base on my research,, skimmed milk are type of milk that been processed to a healthier version thats why probably its not sweet and not creamy. pls help me find a solution to my dilemma and i will really appreciate it.

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