I Personally Used Tawa Tawa to Cure my Fever

I woke up with an aching head. I took a bath. It got better. I drove to office. My head was aching again at lunchtime. I was shivering even if the air-conditioner was set to very low setting.

I drove home while I still can.

Night time, my body temperature was 39°C, about 2 degrees above normal. It was clear that I have a fever and so my mom suggested me to take the alternative cure that our town folks have learned.

Dengue outbreak was on the strike again. People in our barrio whenever have fever are taking tawa tawa decoction as immediate measure. They are saying, it is really a good medicine for lowering down fever, even if it is not a dengue case.

I was also experiencing common colds and intermittent coughing. I needed to drink regularly and moisten my mouth. I used tawa tawa decoction for both purposes.

boiling some tawa tawa herbs

Observed effects. While… I was always perspiring. It seemed the medicinal medicine was forcing my sweat glands to secret fluids to cool off my body. The fever was gone without taking any antibiotic and over-the-counter fever medicine.

My head was still achy while writing this. This medicinal plant seems not good in taking off headache.

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