Update: Dragon Fruit and Santol Enzyme | Start of Pineapple Trimming and Peel Enzyme

After over two weeks of waiting, I harvested the dragon fruit enzyme, the dragon fruit peel enzyme and the santol fruit enzyme. I simply filtered the liquid and placed the pulp and peels beside garden plants.

The smell and taste of dragon fruit enzyme and dragon fruit peel enzyme are very mild with slight kick of alcohol. The santol fruit enzyme aroma is also mild but the taste is astringent. The first taste was thumbs down. I tasted it again and it became good.

The dragon fruit peel and the santol fruit have very low output, about 1/5 of the total mixture. The dragon fruit enzyme output was about 1/2.

I like the results very much and I am trying a new one. The Pineapple Trimming and Peel Enzyme. Center part of pineapple has a bland taste – it is normally thrown away, Other trimming is the eye part – it is taken off by knife and thrown away together with the peel and busil. Processing to enzyme is a nice idea.

I followed the same procedure as dragon fruit enzyme.

chopped pineapple trimmings and peels

the enzymes

From left to right: pineapple trimming and peel enzyme, harvested santol fruit enzyme, dragon fruit peel enzyme and dragon fruit enzyme.


See the results of pineapple peel and trimming enzyme.

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